Frequently Asked Questions

New to BabyCake?

What is BabyCake Token?
Has the Owner been doxxed?
What are BabyCake’s Tokenomics?
Is the Liquidity Pool Locked?
What is the Total Supply?
What is Circulating Supply?
What is the Contract address?
Where can I buy BabyCake?
Why can’t I buy it on Binance or any other CEX?
What is the recommended Slippage?
Is there a Whitepaper?
Is BabyCake SAFU?
Should I trade BabyCake?


Why aren’t my Rewards being delivered?
Where can I check how much I am earning in Rewards?
How can I calculate my Rewards?


Is Slippage Tax?

BabyCake Auto-Reinvestment Pool (ARP)

What is the ARP?
Will I pay the 16% sale tax if I move my BabyCake into the ARP? Are there any other taxes charged?
How can I use the ARP?
How do I stop using the ARP?
Will I still earn CAKE Rewards if I use the Pool?
Will I still receive Cake in the ARP or does it just automatically buy more BabyCake?
I used the ARP, why don’t I have BabyCake in my wallet anymore?
If I put 100% of my BCs in the pool, am I still counted among the holders?
How can I find out how many BC tokens are in the pool?
I want to participate in the ARP, but it asks me to allow my wallet to take pictures of the QR code?
If I use ARP, will I get more Rewards in addition to the usual Rewards?
Do the automatically reinvested Cake contribute to Rewards and therefore volume?
Will this affect the price of BabyCake?
After the Cake Rewards are reinvested into BabyCake, is the new BabyCake pooled as well?
Why should we auto-reinvest our Cake into BabyCake instead of staking the Cake in PancakeSwap's pool?